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Featured Meditation: Golden Light

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Featured Talk: The Healer Within

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Learn About Samarpan Foundation

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Full Moon Meditation

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Welcome to Light Movement


Patrick San Francesco travels the world to heal, teach and speak on many topics about changing our consciousness. Check out the latest excerpts from the documentary being produced on his work in the world. Please check back, as more segments are made available.

The Four Selves

Go beyond the Four Selves and learn to harmonize with the world.

Healing & Consciousness

Raise your consciousness by learning to heal yourself and others.


Learn about the toxicity of anger and how it burns happiness.


Cleanse yourself of all negative emotions with Patrick's guided meditations.

Intro to Breathing Techniques

Learn to utilize explosive, rapid-shallow, cathartic breathing techniques to enhance your meditation practice.

Nature Meditation

Harmonize with nature with this meditation by Patrick San Francesco.

Advanced Golden Light

This more advanced meditation allows you to cleanse yourself of all negative emotions and should be practiced daily.

Samarpan Foundation

Samarpan means “surrendering your identity to the Universe.” This non-profit charity serves the poorest and most vulnerable people and works to protect and rejuvenate the environment. 

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My Experience

Taking the Beginner’s Energy Healing Workshop was the  most moving experience I’ve had in years!  He takes you  by surprise with his humor, knowledge and compassion. His message is hard to miss!   -  S.H., Los Angeles, CA


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