Be a Part of the Light Movement

Patrick San Francesco travels the world to heal, teach and speak on many topics about changing our consciousness.

The Light Movement invites you to an experience of “The Absolute” through meditation and healing, guided by Patrick San Francesco and focused on the relaxation and cleansing of both mind and body.  The concept of Patrick’s meditation and healing is about oneness, and the intention is to raise consciousness and focus not on the self but outward to those in need.

To this end, Patrick serves as chairperson of Samarpan Foundation, a non-­profit charity run solely by volunteers from around the world who work towards a common ideal based on love, peace, happiness, kindness, simplicity, and clarity.

The healing deals with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems.  Through healing, one becomes aware there is something larger and more universal than medical science and logic.  Focusing outward helps to shed light into every corner of the mind and heart through sharing, caring, knowing no limits and breaking down barriers between people and nations to experience Oneness.


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