Healing comes in many forms, whether it be through healing a physical ailment, a situational problem or through the simple act of generosity, people’s lives can be transformed every day by those who care.

Patrick travels all over India offering healing sessions to hundreds of people in a single day. He has the ability to heal physical ailments, financial and spiritual problems using the universal energies which are all around us. He channels this divine energy which is within each of us to his patients offering them a taste of what he calls the Absolute. He considers himself not to be the healer but simply the conduit of the divine force within each of us. By healing others, Patrick hopes to create the awareness of divinity within all of us thus changing the consciousness of the world- one person at a time.

Experience what Patrick offers by attending one of his open healings, philosophical talks or his workshops where you can learn to harness this energy and heal others as well. All donations received are used to fund humanitarian projects feeding, educating and uplifting the poorest, most vulnerable children and families in India.

Patrick's Journey to Becoming a Healer

Anyone Can Learn to Heal Others


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