My Experience

Since I met Patrick an started channeling healing energy, I have begun to experience myself as an energetic being and feel incredibly soothed and renewed by the experience.  It feels wonderful to approach each situation and circumstance from an energetically clear place.  I love the experience of being of service to others through healing.  I am a believer!   

K.C., San Francisco, CA

Taking the Beginner’s Energy Healing Workshop was the most  moving experience I’ve had in years!  He takes you by surprise with his humor, knowledge and compassion … his message is hard to miss!   

S.H., Los Angeles, CA

Patrick gives fully, freely and lovingly without the expectation of anything in return - it is beautiful to witness and such an example for us all.  I have met those he has healed and it is miraculous!  The experience is life-changing, if you can quiet your skeptical mind and allow it to be.

B.T., New York

Thanks so much for bringing Patrick's work to America.  I have applied the healing for my dog; she was recently diagnosed with cancer.  She has appeared better since I applied the healing than when her diagnosis originally presented...  It's a miracle!  Bless you!

K.L., Austin, TX


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